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B. Hamilton release Full LP 'Nothing and Nowhere'!

B. Hamilton have released 'Nothing and Nowhere', their full length LP available on vinyl, CD, and digitally!

"B. Hamilton’s fourth album “Nothing and Nowhere” is an album to drive late at night to, windows down, pounding along with Ojha and Macy’s urgent, yet steadfast tempos and rhythms on the roof of the car to stay awake. Parks’ vocals and guitar take us over potholed, winding, terrain that has led many from adolescence into adulthood. The record was recorded by our drummer Raj Kumar Ojha (Once & Future Band, Shannon Shaw Band, Howlin’ Rain) at the studio we share with Once & Future Band in Oakland’s Jack London Square. Much of the lyrical content was written while primary song-writer, Ryan Christopher Parks, was driving up and down the 5 freeway from Oakland to Anaheim (where he grew up) to visit and help take care of his dying father, who passed away in September of 2017. It features contributions from Joel Robinow (Once & Future Band, Shannon Shaw Band, Howlin’ Rain, The Black Crowes) and cellist Teddy Rankin-Parker (Iron and Wine)."

Order your copy of 'Nothing and Nowhere', available here.


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