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Tim Reisert (Cincinnati, Ohio) writes songs with meditation, nature, and memory close to the surface. His songs bring the listener into a shared world. Tim Reisert began writing songs while living in New York City and released Alahee with 80H Records (Brooklyn, NY). Then he spent a few years involved in the DIY music scene in Phoenix, Arizona. He currently lives and teaches in Cincinnati, Ohio. His poetry has been published in Root & Star. 


Viewfinder, Tim Reisert's upcoming release on SofaBurn Records is a love letter to the natural world--with no expectation of a reply. It is his view of the natural world through the lens of fatherhood, love, and photography. When a photographer draws from the world, fragments fall away, and an image emerges. The songs on Viewfinder collect what remains.


These not-exactly hymns try to honor what doesn’t quite make a perfect image but one that brings the listener to nature and its fullness, much in the way a Wendell Berry poem does. A renewal. What brings the listener to the humid midwestern night. Or to the winter-killed grass along a country road north of the city. Or rain that makes what was left out in the yard shine. The words and music of Viewfinder form a perspective of what has been right in front of our eyes all this time.

Tour Dates

4/29 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Loon w/ KNOTTS & Jacob Austin Perez

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