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R.Ring is Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery. It is guitars, voices and keys. The music is sparse, abrasive, chaotic and lulling… often within the same song. It is a celebration of / departure from their work in their other bands (Kelley with the Breeders and Mike with Ampline).

On ‘Ignite the Rest’, R.Ring’s forthcoming debut full length (out on SofaBurn April 28, 2017), Kelley and Mike have enlisted the help of a few friends to flesh out some of the material. The bits of drumming that appear are courtesy of Laura King (Mac MaCaughan and the Non-Believers, Fleshwounds), Leo DeLuca (Southeast Engine) and professional skateboarder Kristian Svitak. The compelling cello arrangements are by Lori Goldston (Earth/ Nirvana). The tracks run the gamut from plaintive meanderings to noise pieces to mid-tempo swoons to raucous barn-burners. R.Ring will be touring throughout 2017 in support of the release.

Tour Dates

5/19-5/20 - Springfield, OH @ IndieCraft Festival

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