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Small Reactions - "There Is A Light" (Official Video)

Small Reactions - "There Is A Light" (Official Video)

Small Reactions - 'New Age Soul' LP Available Now! Don't forget to subscribe for more great exclusive videos: @TheSofaBurnChannel Small Reactions - "There Is A Light (Official Video) "In Small Reactions’ “There is a Light,” Rosso attends a funeral of a friend and mentor. In this moment, he needs an escape from life–or from the passage of it—as he latches on to anything to distract him, whether it be a bottle of chardonnay or a physical altercation with other feisty funeralgoers. The Priest, representing the authoritarian voice of reason, tries to keep the ceremony going according to plan, like a bus driver making routine stops. The other attendees, sharing the death of their beloved in common, don't hesitate to react violently to provocation. Even the Priest, choosing to finally use his "Holy Powers" to show dominance, finally decides against keeping the peace. In this tale of love and loss, everyone is beholden to their own vices. And that's what really brings us together. In the end, it’s a sunny day and a pack of cigarettes. E il Mondo Continua! As the final video in our self-dubbed Super 8 trilogy for our newest LP New Age Soul, director Avery Kincaid wanted to use this project to enter the London-based Straight 8 film competition, where filmmakers are charged to complete a film on one roll of super 8 film, without the ability to rewind, edit, or redo. All scenes are filmed chronologically to fit the narrative, with only one take allowed. The filmmakers are not able to see the completed video until it is developed and the video debuts in the festival months later. To achieve this goal, we attempted to time the shots to the music in “There is a Light,” but couldn’t view the song set to film until everyone else was. So much suspense! Now in final form, this video is as new to us as it is to you. The cast of the video is a mix of Atlanta-based artists and actors who all took their time to help with no idea of what was in store for them. The original screenplay was written by Small Reactions’ guitarist Ross Politi. Craig Whitehorne, who played "The Priest," helped tighten and tweak the script, organize the shots, and create more depth. His idea to add the "selfie girl" brought us into our current world, or at least into a slightly more surreal, adjacent one. There is perhaps nothing more post-modern (or post-mortem?) than someone taking selfies with a dead body, right? Ultimately, the video creates a bit of a juxtaposition of a timely narrative depicted through vintage technology and tight constraints. Because both the audio and the video for “There is a Light” were recorded in one take, there is perhaps nothing defining of the Small Reactions MO than this project. “There is a Light” video landed us in the Top 25 for the Straight8 competition. We’re thrilled with the surprise. Onto the next!" -Sean Zearfoss