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M Ross Perkins is a psychedelic recording artist from Dayton, Ohio.

“M Ross Perkins is like the perfect percolated distillation of Nilsson and Emitt Rhodes, one minute SoCal hamony pop inspired by the Fabs’ trippy era, the next Merseybeat, and often silly, but biographical, like Harry at his best. A very turned-on album full of memorable songs.”  

- Shindig!


"Listening to a song like "Ever Ever Ever," and the way it is constructed, is enough to understand that we’re dealing with an expert in the field, a detail maniac who leaves nothing to chance...With this first album, which we hope calls for others, M Ross Perkins makes a grand entrance into the family of talented songwriters."

- Raw Power Magazine


”M. Ross Perkins, a neo-psychedelic musician from Dayton, gets sunny and a little silly on his self-titled debut. [His] inflection and the swirling music add whimsy to the matter-of-factness. But it's not all cheeky fun; Perkins has a grand plan for his debut in the scope of his broader, forthcoming body of work.”

- AllMusic

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