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By the time Lori Goldston released her evocative 2022 album High and Low, the acclaimed composer-cellist had already amassed an incredibly wide-ranging career.  Working enthusiastically for over 25 years, Golston has graced projects by the likes of David Byrne, Earth, Nirvana, Mirah, R. Ring, Laura Viers, and The Wedding Present; accompanied art and multimedia exhibits; scored operas, films, theater, and dance productions; and, between working with the Black Cat Ensemble and under her own name, accumulated one of those labyrinthine discographies that’s honestly a little challenging to pin down. Her farflung catalog features live improvised film scores (The Passion of Joan of Arc); collaborations with a wide spectrum of instrumentalists, songwriters, and vocalists (Very Old Songs, Things Opening, and Film Scores); and largely improvised solo or small group recordings (On a Moonlit Hill in Slovenia, Alloys). Clearly, Goldston keeps busy - and cultivates curiosity. As she puts it, “I have a restless nature; getting too comfortable makes me extremely uncomfortable.”

Press: George Corona III - Terrorbird

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