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Melodic and guitar driven, Super City is known for their hooky pop sound that blends heavy rock elements and danceability, all with coordinated band choreography that results in killer live performances. This Baltimore band expertly crafts guitar and synth earworms that thrive on the creative tension between bombastic rock and roll and stylized movements. Their structures and melodies leave no room for a dull track. At times soothing and inviting, at times posturing and timeless, Dan Ryan and Greg Wellham vocally guide this pop band into a new, heavy and beguiling territory that is both memorable and brash. Super City is Dan Ryan (lead vocals, guitar) Greg Wellham, (lead vocals guitar), Brian Brunsman (bass, vocals), Jon Birkholz (guitar, keys, vocals), and Ian Viera (drums & vocals).

Tour Dates

2/29 - Nashville, TN @ 5Spot

3/1 - Louisville, KY @ High Horse

3/2 - Cincinnati, OH @ Madison Live!

3/3 - Columbus, OH @ Rambling House

3/6 - Philadelphia, PA @ Dolphin Tavern

3/7 - New York, NY @ Our Wicking Lady

3/8 - Parksville, NY (Private Event)

3/9 - Baltimore, MD @ Creative Alliance

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