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A Delicate Motor [ADM] is the sound composition project of Adam Petersen, a Cincinnati native. Adam, a classically-trained pianist and percussionist, composes by way of energetic improvisation, expressive vocalization, and meditation on the repetition of loops. While studying piano performance at CCM, Adam was tending a social culture with many other creative conspirators in their residence at The Marburg Hotel. The Hotel came to be simultaneously a living place, recording studio, and concert venue - a quasi-public, creative safe space for the engaging community. Their collective creative yearning yielded many months of live arts events, phenomenal expressions, social interactivity and individual growth. Since the cultivation of this place-based community, there endures a momentum by which A Delicate Motor streams.

Fellover My Own arises from a quietude, within which, by way of gently cupped ears, we begin to hear messages beckoning the listener towards truth. It is the trifle of the human experience, that by endeavouring to manifest a higher self, or spiritual awareness, we paradoxically inhibit ourselves within our very striving. The messages here intend to relieve the listener from this paradox, of falling over one’s own devices, and instead begin to move with conscious choosing.

“...ambient, psychedelic and strangely melodic, a slanted, otherworldly interpretation of Pop that is often mesmerizing."

- Mike Breen, CityBeat

“In a world that increasingly favors the loud and flashy over the quiet and thoughtful, Cincinnati’s A Delicate Motor aim to grab your attention with subtle gestures over Instagrammable flourishes.”


- Gil Kaufman, Billboard


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