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Listen Now: This Is.. Mosant

Ahead of the release of their debut full length LP 'Midnight Television' we spoke with Mosant about some of their favorite songs and the bands that influenced them while making their brand new record. Read on below and give the playlist a listen on Spotify!

Flo & Eddie - "Keep It Warm"

"A favorite of the Mosant boys. I think we really enjoy how hooky it is and that it’s lyrically getting a point across. Flo and Eddie use a cool mix of irony and humor in this song that we really appreciate."

The Beach Boys - "Don’t Worry Baby"

"We love a hooky song with good harmonies. Even though those attributes are present in pretty much all Beach Boys songs, there’s something about this one that has always resonated with us."

Jellyfish - "New Mistake"

"Jellyfish is just one of those bands that will always leave you

discovering something new after each listen. The amount of

production “candy” that they include on this song on top of great chords and lyrics is incredible."

Big Star - "Thirteen"

"Big Star has always been a big influence. Their four man team wrote some timeless songs that we take a lot of inspiration from."

Richard Swift - "Lady Luck"

"This song’s repetitive nature has always just mesmerized us. It’s a simple song but it manages to cover so much ground."

Wings - "Letting Go"

"We are all obviously pretty influenced by the Beatles but smokier, funkier McCartney songs like this one show up as an inspiration pretty often."

Djo - "Personal Lies"

"We really appreciate Djo’s ability to incorporate new and creative production styles to alternative rock tracks. You can tell where his influences are, but you can also tell that he is an artist in the modern age."

The Lemon Twigs - "Corner of My Eye"

"A super well written song that feels like it’s been around for the last 50 years. The Lemon Twigs’ gift for creating great melodies is something that has always inspired us."

Iggy Pop - "Gardenia"

"Another hypnotic song that leaves us wanting more. We love how “cool” Iggy’s delivery is and how he can turn another seemingly “simple” song into a statement"

Badfinger - "No Matter What"

"Classic power pop. This song hits all the marks."

Kings of Leon - "The Bucket"

"The raw, live sound of early Kings of Leon is something we really appreciate as a group. I think we take some cues from them when it comes to playing live as a four piece."

You can order your copy of Mosant's upcoming full length record 'Midnight Television'

from our web-store or over on Bandcamp TODAY!

Available on CD, for digital download, and on the extremely limited "Cumulus" vinyl color-way.


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