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SofaBurn Records 2023: A Year in Review

What a year! As we head into the holidays we thought we’d take a second to reflect on all the great things SofaBurn artists did in 2023.

Jeremy Pinnell

Jeremy Pinnell had quite a run. The singer signed with Space Colonel Management, Madison House Booking, toured around the country, played four official showcases at Americanafest and took home the Ameripolitan ‘2023 Honky Tonk Male’ award. He’s got a lot planned for 2024 and some exciting things to announce, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out this incredible live recording of "Fightin' Man" from 2021's "Goodbye L.A.," and Jeremy's brand new web-store!


Super City


Baltimore prog/rock/pop group Super City released the stellar ‘InTheMidnightRoom’ LP to rave reviews. Songs from the album are in high rotation on Idobi Radio. The album’s first single “Getouttahere” was a featured song on World College Radio Day, a broadcast that aired on 700 + stations and 50+ countries around the world.

“This is a lot of fun. Short, sharp and seriously addictive, Getouttahere is so buzzy you can feel the coffee shakes coming through these Baltimore rockers’ limbs.” 


"From the jump, an up tempo drum machine beat sets the pace for an unrelenting lamentation on staring the inevitable end of a relationship in the face. Dry and straightforward guitars grind on top of a funky, defined bass line and keep this freight train of a song moving forward.”

“The band really turns their guitars up to 11 and just don’t look back at all – blowing through 2:29 with nonstop hooks and singer Dan Ryan’s crooning vocals.... go listen to this absolutely blistering track.”


Shadwick Wilde


Quiet Hollers frontman Shadwick Wilde released a fantastic solo album, the Ken Coomer (WILCO/ Uncle Tupelo) – produced ‘Forever Home’. He celebrated it with multiple tours across the States and Europe. Shadwick will continue to tour throughout 2024 as he works on new studio recordings.


"Forever Home was written in the same burst of creativity that birthed Forever Chemicals, but this release finds Wilde in a deeply personal and often existentialist mode. Yet, Wilde also taps into his spontaneous side thanks to Coomer’s contributions, with the producer pushing Wilde to record live and with minimal takes. The result is an album that marries vulnerability with magnetic performances, offering an easy, sun-lit varnish to Wilde’s lyrics."


Tim Reisert

SofaBurn was proud to welcome songwriter Tim Reisert to the roster. Fans of Jason Molina / Songs: Ohia will feel right at home with Reisert’s ‘Viewfinder’ album. Check out the video for “Shade and Shadow” here: 

"'Viewfinder' is a love letter to the natural world--with no expectation of a reply. It is his view of the natural world through the lens of fatherhood, love, and photography. When a photographer draws from the world, fragments fall away, and an image emerges. The songs on 'Viewfinder' collect what remains. These not-exactly hymns try to honor what doesn’t quite make a perfect image but one that brings the listener to nature and its fullness, much in the way a Wendell Berry poem does. A renewal. What brings the listener to the humid midwestern night. Or to the winter-killed grass along a country road north of the city. Or rain that makes what was left out in the yard shine. The words and music of 'Viewfinder' form a perspective of what has been right in front of our eyes all this time."


Daniel Martin Moore

Before finding his way to SofaBurn, DMM spent some time releasing music with the venerable record label Sub Pop. Earlier this year Daniel released a video culled from footage shot while making his Sub Pop debut ‘Stray Age’ with producer Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2, The Shins). 2024 hopes to see more music and live performances from Daniel.




The blistering Drum and cello duo LUNG continued to windmill their van's odometer as they criss-crossed America on tour after tour. Their propulsive ‘Come Clean Right Now’ LP is still a mainstay on the office turntable and we’re as excited as everyone else to hear new music from the band!


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