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Lori Goldston Announces Brand New Album 'High and Low'

We are very excited to announce that Lori Goldston will be joining us at SofaBurn Records and that her brand new record 'High and Low' is available now for pre-order before its official release on Oct. 7th! Read on below to learn more about the new record, and to check out the first single "The Waves and What's Under."

“I have a restless nature; getting too comfortable makes me extremely uncomfortable.” - Lori Goldston

By the time Lori Goldston releases her evocative upcoming album 'High and Low' on October 7th via SofaBurn, the acclaimed composer-cellist's wide-ranging career has already had many high points. Working enthusiastically for over 25 years, Goldston has graced projects by the likes of David Byrne, Earth, Nirvana, Mirah, R. Ring, Laura Viers, and The Wedding Present; accompanied art and multimedia exhibits; scored operas, films, theater, and dance productions; and, between working with the Black Cat Ensemble and under her own name, accumulated one of those labyrinthine discographies that’s honestly a little challenging to pin down. And though Goldston’s restlessness has prompted excursions into experimental, folk, classical, post rock, and all points between, High and Low documents at least two essential corners of her sprawling musical identity. The “High” section is a series of solo improvised memorials for Goldston’s friend and Canadian artist-musician Geneviève Elverum. The new single "The Wave and What's Under" is taken from this portion of the album, offering a direct meditative line with improvised ebb and flows. When Elverum was very ill, she imagined “herself floating in the air above a mountain.” Lori explains, “I had a kind of vision about playing music that would help keep her floating easily there, and at the same time sustain the ripples of her presence in the world.”

The new video for the track is directed by Clyde Petersen, a transgender artist based in the Northwest who works in film, animation, music, installation, and fabulous spectacle. “Lori Goldston and I convened on a secret island in the Salish Sea to create the music video," he describes. "The Boatel, a private guest house for visitors, was constructed out of an old wooden boat, cut into pieces and hauled onto the shore to be reassembled in the forest. It is surrounded by Alder and Cedar trees, baby fawns, chipmunks and birds of all varieties who spend their days in the blackberry brambles, carving out nests and spots of shade to rest in while eating the tender leaves each spring brings. “ - Andy Hittle

You can pre-order Lori's new album 'High and Low' here!

Each copy will include an insert hand designed by Simon Fowler and screen printed by Ink Knife Press.


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