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'Getouttahere,' The Brand New Single + Video From Super City is Out Now!

The first single from Super City's upcoming record 'In The Midnight Room' is the unpredictable and bombastic 'Getouttahere,' check out the single and the official video below!

'Getouttahere,' the brand new single from Baltimore's Super City is an uptempo, driving rocker where Chuck Berry meets Devo meets the future of rock and roll. A song about desperation at the end of a relationship, sung by an unreliable narrator who is speeding down the highway on the way to fix it. A guitar solo that somehow sounds like Wilko Johnson and Eddie Van Halen, but made of pure chaos. Every part of the song is a hook, from the opening guitar riff to the verse to the chorus. 'Getouttahere' is streaming everywhere now!

Super City's upcoming record 'In The Midnight Room' is due out Oct. 20th, you can pre-order your copy now! Available on three special color ways.


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