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Thanks to Americana Highways for premiering Andrew Hibbard's "I'm coming over" TOD

Americana Highways brings you this from self-titled album releasing on May 8 on Sofaburn Records. The album was produced by Zachary Gabbard and Andrew Hibbard, and mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery. “I’m Coming Over” is Andrew Hibbard on vocal, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, harmonica, and piano; Daniel Peterson on drums and percussion; Matt Hibbard on bass, piano, and vocals; and Chris Erbacher on pedal steel.

With sleepy winding intro notes and old timey harmonica, Andrew Hibbard makes throwback music that’s a nod to both Bob Dylan and Jerry Garcia’s favorite gentle songs, Andrew Hibbard has created a lovely album. Give this song a listen and you won’t be disappointed.

This was the first song we actually recorded during the eight hour session for the record. We got the tape machine set up in the barn and the players were sort of just staring at me. I didn’t tell them shit about the songs, we just jammed. What you hear is not pristine or polished, it’s not supposed to be that at all. It’s supposed to be the opposite and that’s the way I wanted it. — Andrew Hibbard

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