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The 405 premieres M Ross Perkins' "When You're Near Me" video.

M. Ross Perkins’ ‘When You’re Near Me’ gets enough mileage out of tender, layered vocals and yearning guitar that the introduction of piano, bass, and finally drums threaten to disturb the lovely composition he’s crafted. It’s something that sounds like a 1970s act that was unjustly forced into the shadow of Simon & Garfunkel. But the song (and its video, featuring Perkins as a crooning backseat passenger on a drizzling day) doesn’t look to the past for points. It earns them by acknowledging just how timeless these bittersweet feelings are. Percussion towards the end ramps up the energy but doesn’t undercut Perkins’ emotions. There’s enough here for three songs, but he makes it work in one. We look forward to what he has in store for us next. - The 405

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