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Thanks to Cincinnati CityBeat for premiering Wallace Woods' “Trouble You No More”.

Northern Kentucky’s pastoral Rock foursome Wallace Woods released its first single, “Father’s Son,” last year as part of a compilation of songs by artists on the SofaBurn Records label. This weekend, the quartet (which includes members of bands like Alone at 3am and Heroes and Madmen) is releasing a new self-titled EP with the area label.

The EP features the melancholic track “Trouble You No More,” which offers a great representation of Wallace Woods’ emotive and dynamic sound, showing a rich but subtle and nuanced vibe that resembles some of the more effective Indie Folk acts drawing big crowds these days, though with a bit more robustness.

“At its most basic level, this song attempts to capture the essence of how 'home' isn't a place, but a feeling,” the band says about “Trouble You No More.” “Sometimes that feeling only comes about when you have found a particular person. As the saying goes 'you can never go home again,' so is the case of a relationship that has ended. The two people are never the same and might struggle relentlessly to recapture that feeling of home.”

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