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Thanks to Atlanta Auditory Association for including 'Our Undivided Attention' in their favo

The Benchmarks are a well-kept secret out of Nashville that deliver catchy tunes loaded with kick ass guitar riffs, vociferous rhythms and passionate lyrics. The band’s songs are a reflection on life often depicting the constant struggle between a freewheeling youth and grown up responsibilities. Benchmark’s front man Todd Farrell Jr. makes these themes a regular part of his music as he sings about the inevitability we all face, growing up and the underling dread of what the future brings. Caught somewhere between punk and rock the Benchmarks use pop melodies to even out the rough spots creating a sound that is quite infectious. With their first full length album, Our Undivided Attention, Farrell, Matt Rewinski and Jack Whitis find themselves at that age where you are caught between the final days of your youth and the beginning of full blown adult responsibilities. Our Undivided Attention is a record that everyone can relate to. The words on this record are things we all think about but shove to the back of our heads instead of facing head on, the Benchmarks have chosen to express them for us. This record gets better over time with the guitars and rhythms locking you in then the lyrics sinking in later. Check out the Benchmarks, they may not be a household name but their music is better than many that are

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