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Todd sat down with New Noise Magazine to discuss finding a musical identity, playing in multiple ban

Nashville-based rock band Benchmarks released Our Undivided Attention on March 24 via SofaBurn Records. It is an album that represents the culmination of years of evolution for a band who are finally coming into their own. Vocalist and guitarist Todd Farrell Jr.—who also pulls double duty as the lead guitarist for Two Cow Garage—and his cohorts make the music they want to make: it’s a little bit punk, a little bit rock, but 100 percent creative catharsis. Simply, the album delivers 43 solid minutes of utterly sincere, hook-laden tunes that were mixed by Jay Maas—who has worked with the likes of Defeater, Transit, Polar Bear Club, and Make Do And Mend—and produced by the band themselves.

Farrell takes some time to chat about the record just before Benchmarks and Two Cow Garage begin a few strings of tour dates, exploring the realities of balancing two bands, coming into one’s own, and the pitfalls of working in the music industry.

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