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Street Plant video featuring Ampline.

Yusuke Tsuge Art Jam (2017) Skate. Create. Enjoy! At Street Plant we Value the Art Of Skateboarding, and so we put the Artist First. We could never make logo boards, blanks or “team boards” because we believe that a Skateboard Deck is a Canvas for the Artist and that it should be adorned with Artistic Expression and Infused with Purposeful Energy. Where so much of the Art in Skateboarding has been suburbanized through the corporate filters, we are seeking a Deeper Connection with the Artists that we work with, to design Skateboard Graphics that Inspire Creativity and that Elevate the Senses. In that Spirit, every now and then, we host a Garageland Art Jam, to let the Artists we work with cut loose on some Hand Drawn designs. Yusuke Tsuge came into our lives in the most organic way, as a Friend first, and this in turn Inspired a working relationship. So, hosting Yusuke here in Garageland for a Jam Session was very Meaningful to us. Yusuke worked on 4 Boards (3 of them are featured in this video) and these three are all available for purchase now. For more information or to purchase one of these Boards please email: (SOLD OUT)!


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