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Mike Vallely / Street Plant video of Max Fender from Mega Jam.

A real highlight for me on the #OpenHeartedMIdWestTour2016 was Max Fender's acoustic set at the Mega Jam at the Northside Yacht Club in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 9, 2016. Watching Max play his songs from the heart, as out the window behind him the sun sank and freight trains passed by in the distance, was very moving for me. And as his set was coming to an end and he contemplated what to play next, you can hear me on the video request the very song that he had started the set with earlier that night, “Write It Down.” I have been a fan of that song since we used it in our UnModern Video Edit earlier this year and although I’d never want to demand anything of an artist that I’m watching, I felt like the moment was open to my suggestion and Max so graciously accommodated me. Thanks Max!

-Mike Vallely

Shot & Edited By: Mark Nisbet.

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