Dayton, OH native M Ross Perkins has been taping himself at home for well over a decade. But on his newest self-titled debut effort, he's truly hit his stride in crafting effortless California psych grooves seasoned with British invasion guitars - and all with an achingly tuneful voice recalling Nilsson & Lennon. Clever lyrics and atmosphere for days.

M. Ross Perkins "Self-Titled' CD/LP

  • 1. Humboldt County Green
    2. Project 63 Online
    3. My Poor Daughter
    4. Someone Else
    5. Ever Ever Ever
    6. Let A Little Lazy
    7. Amazing Grace (Grandma's Dead)
    8. Habit-Formin' Drugs
    9. Local Showcase
    10. No Good Sons Of Galveston
    11. Annie Waits In A Dream
    12. Of The Gun