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Sunday Fed Creek Birds is a collaborative project fronted by Zachary Gabbard of Buffalo Killers.  The premise of the project is bringing different musicians together for a song and a feast hosted at his Howler Hills Farm.

“You don’t need a reason. You don’t need permission. You just need a couple of ears, a few minutes and some drink or smoke of your choice.
If you need a minute, take your time. There’s no rush. We have forever, that is, if you even believe in the concept and boundaries of time. But hey, don’t let that stop ya’ either. It’s a simple thing: get some friends together… play some music… throw some words behind it and presto! You got yourself a song (or two).
"Sunday Fed Creek Birds are here. They have and bring the power of song. The funny thing about a song is that once a song made it can’t be un-made. Songs have their own identity, their own existence its own space in the thing called life. Songs never die. They live forever. Listen to these songs and be forever.”

- Shawn Abnoxious

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