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AmericanaUK premieres "Running from the Enemy" from Andrew Hibbard's upcoming release!

‘Runnin’ from the Enemy’ showcases Andrew Hibbard’s knack for creating a lovely vocal tune and we are delighted to be sharing this exclusive video premiere. This is Hibbard’s second single from his forthcoming third studio album, which is due for release in April. Hibbard is a prolific song writer, who has written hundreds of songs while he has been honing his craft. He’s a genuine talent, releasing his debut album at the age of just 17. Hibbard says of the song: “This song is something that I wrote in about 10 minutes during the 8 hour session it took to record the whole record. We did it in one take like most of the songs on this. We didn’t rush anything though. It’s one of those songs that was written in some Pabst confusion, so it’s gonna be understood a lot better by people who are in a place they don’t wanna be in. I was listening to a lot of Lou Reed and Richie Valens, but I just leave the interpretation up to who is trying to see what it means to them. I know what it meant to me at the time, but things fade away sometimes and I’m always doing new things. You’re your own worst enemy sometimes and you have to show yourself tough love.”

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