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Artist Spotlight : Jason Look

Cleveland-based Artist / Musician Jason Look did the animated video

for the Ampline song,“Shrunken Heads”. Link to video :

SofaBurn checked in with him for a

short interview on his creative process. Enjoy!

What are some of your favorite or most memorable projects you've

been involved in?

Jason: I recently finished up a commission for a restaurant here in town. It ended up being this

huge 20X30” pen and ink drawing that I then colored digitally.

The owner wanted me to illustrate a song by Tom Waits called "Singapore",

so the finished piece had tons of hidden jokes and references in there. It took forever to finish

but never stopped being fun. love tiny details and drawing millions of

hash marks and anthropomorphic characters.

What are you up to these days musically?

Jason: I play guitar and sing in a band called

Part-Time Lover (featuring R.Ring touring drummer Roseanna Safos- ed).

We have a new 7" coming out later this year.

Are there parallels between your work as an illustrator and the

creative process that informs your song writing?

Jason: Definitely. Working in digital programs such as photoshop and illustrator has helped me

think of music in more of a textured and layered way. I like to use a lot of bright colors and vintage textures too,

which has helped my writing come across as a little bit more visual lyrically.

How did you transition from paper/canvas to video?

Jason: Mike from Ampline asked me if I would ever consider making a music video and I love

working on new projects so I said yes and dove in!

Do you have any art shows or music shows coming up?

Jason: Yes, I have a solo art show at Lava Lounge in Cleveland that opens on August 10 and

will run for 2 months. Part-Time Lover is playing some out of town shows in upstate New York at

the end of August.

Anything else you want people to know?

Jason: Please feel free to reach out to me, I love hearing from folks who want to team up on a

project together or just want to say hello! Oh, and shout out to my brother Max for editing this video!

instagram: @jasonlook

t out to my brother Max for editing this



instagram: @jasonlook

Photo cred: Roseanna Safos

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