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Benchmarks hitting the Midwest in June! #BummerSlam2017

June 12: Dayton, OH at Blind Bob's (with Alone At 3AM and The 1984 Draft) June 13: Bloomington, IN at Blockhouse (with If-Then) June 14: Chicago, IL at Liar's Club (with The C-Sides, Halligan) June 16: Minneapolis, MN at Hexagon Bar (with The Right Here, Cory Call of Arliss Nancy) June 17: Annandale, MN at Annandale Roadhouse (with The Right Here, Cory Call of a Arliss Nancy) June 19: Kansas City at Davey's Uptown Ramblers (with Dead Ven) June 20: St. Louis, MO at San Lou (with The Wilderness)

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