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ALT COUNTRY NL gives 4 star review Daniel Martin Moore's "Golden Age".

After three albums for Sub Pop began Daniel Martin Moore his own label. Golden Age (OK Recordings) is a highly successful album that needs some time to make an impression. It begins with the hypnotic title track with Moore at the piano. Golden Age is pop with the grandeur of someone like Harry Nilsson. On Our Hearts Will Hover is the piano playing of Dan Dorff jr. Hand in hand with experienced clack rhythm of percussion. In the distance hear a rude guitar, with which a thrilling soundstage is created though something of exquisite pop songs of colleagues such as Robert Ellis and Andrew Combs. Maybe just a little less country anyway. Moore produced the record with Jim James, who took the guitar on his behalf. The dark atmosphere of the jacket picture, moreover, fits perfectly with the melancholy that keeps the singer-songwriter from Kentucky on the dividing line between light and dark. Joan Shelley sings on On Our Way Home, which is slightly more upbeat than the rest of the material by the smooth tip of drummer Dave Givan.

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