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R.Ring / Quailbones - Pussy Peril

R.Ring / Quailbones - Pussy Peril

R.Ring/Quailbones split 7 inch on blue vinyl.
Released 2015
  • Details

    R.Ring "Singing tower"
    Quailbones "Tip to trick the tide"

    R.RING / Quailbones Split 7 inch on Blue Vinyl
    Way, way down in the southwestern tip of Kentucky is a sleepy town called Murray. Through an entanglement of dark thoughts and festering boredom oozed a creepy outfit called Quailbones. Kelley and I stepped into their muck at a show in a record shop on an R.Ring tour and instantly fell in love with their music. It was brash, squirmy, drenched and moody… you know… great!
    We decided then and there to work with them on something… hence, the forthcoming split 7 inch due out this July on SofaBurn. Their track is called, “A Tip to Trick the Tide” and it’s exactly the Cramps, Echo and the Bunnymen condomless orgy you’d expect! Our song, “Singing Tower” is a meandering lullaby to a wayward spectre. The album illustrations were all done by our friend Ali Calis at Able projects. It will ship mid-July Thanks!
    -Mike Montgomery R.Ring
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