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Ampline - You Will Be Buried Here

Ampline - You Will Be Buried Here

Ampline "You Will Be Buried Here" vinyl

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Montgomery
and Cameron Cochran at Candyland Studio, 2009.

Cover Art by Derek Toebbe.

Release Date: Summer 2010
  • Details

    Track listing
    1. You Will Be Buried Here
    2. Our Carbon Dreams
    3. He Believed in Iron
    4. Passengers in Sleeping Trains
    5. Sirens
    6. White Damp
    7. The Dynamos Sang Dollars
    8. This Vapor Tongue
    9. Direct Accidents
    10. Bright Seams
    11. Until He Wore Out and Died
    12. Third Harmonics
    13. Vessels of Dead Weight
    14. The Electric City
    15. Petals
    16. In Chambers
    17. Room and Pillar
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