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The Firenote Premieres MOIRA's Video for "Blackout" feat. TINO

The Firenote premieres MOIRA's video for "Blackout" feat. TINO today! This song is also AVAILABLE NOW on 7" vinyl split with Paige Beller! More info below on the premiere, and link to purchase the 7".

"The song is a true mesmerizing mix, as lead vocalist and pianist Alicia Grodecki (Vanity Theft) guides you slowly with her powerful and emotive vocals with some early background support from TINO until he bursts out front with an emotional flow that nails the soul. Much like the original, the track builds in intensity from there but this pairing of talent takes an already good song and creates something truly special for you to hear today!" - Christopher Anthony, The Fire Note

“We are incredibly excited to breathe new life into this song with the help of our friend, TINO. “Blacking Out” was one of the first songs the three of us wrote together, and it’s always been very dear to us. The process of re-writing it alongside TINO, re-recording it ourselves, and making the video meant a lot to us, and we are so happy to release what we feel is now a fully realized version of this song.” MOIRA

Click here to check out the video and the full premiere!


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