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Paige Beller via PopWrapped and More!

“’I’ll Be Better’ relentlessly washes over the senses in a way that’s visceral and raw.” -Jason Scott, American Songwriter “Beller’s style is raw and imaginative, delivering lyrics that are emotionally vulnerable, reminiscent of Rilo Kiley and Feist” -Vents Magazine

"Lyrically, her songs are honest and vulnerable, allowing her to connect on a more personal and intimate level with her growing fanbase. Today, PopWrapped are delighted to premiere the video for her latest single “Failed Attempts and Cigarettes.” -PopWrapped Magazine Today, August 4th, indie rock songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paige Beller unveils her boundary-pushing animated music video, “Failed Attempts and Cigarettes,” animated by Dayton native, graphic artist, and illustrator Katie Marks via PopWrapped. Beller and Marks collaborate to create an expressive aesthetic through an emotionally charged and thought-provoking video that showcases the artist’s ability to connect with the audience in a vulnerable place. Watch the video HERE and listen to an angelic voice full of emotional grittiness take you on a beautifully animated journey of deception and doubts. In addition to the video, Paige is now working with Sofaburn Records to release her first full length LP titled ‘I’ll Be Better’. The title track is out now showcasing a psychedelic carnival vibe accompanied by a music video directed by Aaron Cline. The LP’s single, “So Much Water,” premiered earlier this July showcasing the multiple musical personalities and many different sides of the LGBTQ+ artist. It’s hard to believe Paige is a solo artist as you are struck with a full soundscape of drums, synthesizer, keys, guitar, loops, and vocals all at once. She creates boundless and timeless layers of melancholic lyrics and melodies, creating experimental sounds heavily inspired by garage rock roots and a love for doo wop harmonies. Paige grew up in Cincinnati, immersed in a scene of local live performances and basement shows, where she picked up her first cheap guitar and taught herself to play at a young age. Beller’s traction started picking up in the late 2000’s by touring widely and being an ardent participant of the indie rock scene. She went on to record several singles with Reel Love Recording Company in 2018, and has previously shared bills with multiple artists, including Erika Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards), R. Ring, and Hamell on Trial. Paige continues to live her dream through music, traveling from coast to coast, and is booked to share the stage with many talented artists on an upcoming show September 18th at the PRIDE festival in Nashville, TN. Keep an eye out for upcoming show dates, music, and videos at, and on your streaming platforms.


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