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mxdwn VIDEO premiere: Lung Melds Cellos with Punk in Cinematic New Video for “Sun God”.

Lung is an art-punk that is heavily built around the playing of kate Wakefield, a classically trained opera singer and cellist. Her bandmate is drummer Daisy Caplan, who’s played in bands like Foxy Shazam, Babe Rage and Ayin. With a new album Come Clean Right Now, the band’s third, scheduled for release on August 20, we’re premiering a new video for their song “Sun God.”

The band’s sound is very cinematic in nature and the video for “Sun God” meets that energy.

“The video for ‘Sun God’ was a collaborative experiment. Rachelle Caplan has been Lung’s visual artist and tour manager from the beginning. Since she has a background in video editing and had been branching out in photography, we figured why not try to make our own videos? I came up with the treatment and thought it would be fun to have different characters of sorts weave in and out of each other. Each represents these different sides of ourselves – the parts of us that just act on impulse, the parts of ourselves that reach for beauty, and those that go numb from feeling that life is mundane. “The song is about a lot of things, but the main idea is that we are very much human – we are stuck inside ourselves with all of the good and all of the bad. It is about how sometimes when we are most weighed down with the world, we are hit with moments of monumental beauty and how the beautiful and the painful are all happening at once. Life is pretty intense and the pauses and quiet that this year provided forced me to experience a lot of highs and lows sometimes simultaneously.

“The whole thing was an empowering process. I wasn’t totally sure that the three of us would be able to do a video without any outside help but I’m really glad that we did. Having a collaborator who focused on filming and editing really brought the scenes and characters to life. In post, Rachelle started layering the footage, using tour videos she had collected over years and live watercolor painting to make this multidimensional, dream-like effect that is so cool. It makes sense that Rachelle would be the person to do that with me as she’s been here with the band the whole time and knows our music better than anyone.”

Come Clean Right Now Track List

01. “Come Clean Right Now” 02. “Sorry” 03. “I’m Nervous” 04. “Sugar Pill” 05. “Air” 06. “Tick Tock” 07. “Landlocked” 08. “Sun God” 09. “Green” 10. “Wave (feat. Paige Beller)” 11. “Morning” 12. “Arrow”

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