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Lung's 'Come Clean Right Now' is available for streaming TODAY

“There is a lot of brutal honesty in this album: anger, sadness, the highs and insecurities of new love, and the realization that though we think we can control our lives, that is an illusion.” - Kate Wakefield of Lung

The alt-grunge rock and roll duo, Lung, releases their third full-length album 'Come Clean Right Now' today! Based out of Cincinnati, the musical pair consisting of classically trained opera singer and cellist Kate Wakefield and drummer Daisy Caplan hits you with a soundscape that is unbelievable to hear coming out of a minimalistic two-person act. Dynamics that could only be made possible by these two musicians coming together.

'Come Clean Right Now' meant so much to Lung that they temporarily shelved an already recorded third album for its release, as they believed so much in the new direction of this project. During the unprecedented pandemic, Lung was forced to cancel over 100 show dates in early 2020 and spent March and April turning to their creative outlet of music and songwriting at a time when they needed it most.

Since their first performance in April 2016, Lung has played over 500 shows across North America and Europe. When able to tour, the band lives out of their van for the majority of the year and opts to play all ages shows whenever possible to stand by their belief that art and music should be available and widely spread to people of all ages. On a normal run, Kate and Daisy spend an extended period of time on the road together, collaborating on songwriting and not rushing the process. Come Clean Right Now had to be written in total isolation from one another, was written in under two months, and was rehearsed/recorded (as social distanced as possible) in a matter of a few weeks.

Experience this new venture of songwriting with Lung on 'Come Clean Right Now' and be inspired by the creations of two incredibly talented artists called to expression by the deafening silence of a global pandemic. Preorder your copy of the album here, and be sure to catch the duo on tour in your city as they set the stage for Mac Sabbath starting in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Urban Lounge.



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