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LAND TRUST: Benefit for North East Farmers of Color

R.Ring's Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery have contributed to the song "Bodies" from 'LAND TRUST: Benefit For North East Farmers of Color.' Read on below for more about the record, and for a link to purchase, with ALL PROCEEDS going directly to NEFOC!

"In March 2020, with Bikini Kill’s anticipated reunion tour canceled, the band’s touring guitarist Erica Dawn Lyle and drum tech Vice Cooler were wondering how to be useful. A longtime participant in punk communities, Lyle—also an arts critic, author, filmmaker, organizer, free improvising guitarist, and publisher of SCAM zine—was quarantined at her home in upstate New York as an early-pandemic spirit of mutual aid amplified throughout culture.

“People were trying to figure out how to help each other,” Lyle said. “I thought: All the musicians are home right now. It would probably be easy for us to do something quickly—because everybody, everywhere, is trying to find a way to help.”

She reached out to the L.A.-based Cooler—multi-instrumentalist, photographer, video director, producer for Peaches and Ladytron, and touring drummer of The Raincoats—with the spark of an idea for a digital album to generate funds. Working from their respective bedroom-studios, Lyle and Cooler devised a remote process of recording near-complete songs as a guitar-drum duo, before reaching out to an array of guest vocalists in their extended community to contribute original lyrics and to sing. “It was like an anchor during that really difficult era,” Lyle said.

What resulted is a uniquely collaborative album, Benefit for NEFOC, which doubles as a staggering survey of contemporary feminist punk across generations—including legends from punk’s dawn as well as newly emergent voices. A mix of industrial, art-rock, post-punk, and beyond, it finds germinal punk icons like The Raincoats, Kim Gordon, and Alice Bag alongside younger artists who they’ve inspired over several decades. All profits will benefit the grassroots organization Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust (NEFOC), which buys farmland and puts it into Indigenous, Black, and Brown hands." - Jenn Pelly

You can purchase the album at the link below, with ALL OF THE MONEY going directly to NEFOC!


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