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Andrew Hibbard's "Homewrecker" is part of KEXP's podcast "The Weekly Mix&quot

Greg Vandy delivers a summer mixtape of rock ’n roll featuring new music from Rose City Band, Black Lips, Pacific Range, Futurebirds, ROOKIE, Andrew Hibbard, Seth Martin & The Dish Boys, and a duet between Swamp Dogg and the late great John Prine. It’s fresh all summer long.

1. Rose City Band - Reno Shuffle 2. Handsome Jack - Creepin’ 3. James Matthew VII - Nickel & Dimin’ 4. ROOKIE - Fake Grass 5. Futurebirds - My Broken Arm 6. Black Lips - Hooker Jon 7. Nocona - Post Apocalyptic Blues 8. Andrew Hibbard - Homewrecker 9. Pacific Range - Boulevard Indigo 10. Seth Martin & The Dish Boys - It’s All Alright 11. Purple Mountains - She’s Making Friends, I’m Turning Stranger 12. The Tender Things - Sister Elizabeth 13. John Craigie - Don’t Ask 14. Pacific Range - Santa Monica (Through The Canyon) 15. Craig Brown Band - Glad You Came (Happy You Left) 16. James Coates - On My Way Home 17. Tim Hill - Payador 18. Tim Hill - Only The Flowers Know 19. Swamp Dogg & John Prine - Please Let Me Go Round Again 20. Sam Doores - Let It Roll 21. Tommy Alexander - Waves

Greg Vandy is the host of The Roadhouse every Wednesday 7-10pm PT on, the KEXP app or 90.3 FM in Seattle.

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