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Great Americana UK Mini-Gig with Jeremy Pinnell performing two live tracks from the safe confines of

When times are tough, we need to find ways to come together and celebrate. Many of us find joy in live music… now that’s in short supply at the moment, so we’re sharing ‘mini-gigs’ from great artists to compensate. Jeremy Pinnell has a wonderfully characterful voice, used to full effect on Gary Stewart’s ‘Blue Ribbon Blues’ and ‘Big Bright World’ from his debut solo album, ‘OH / KY’. Many thanks to the North Kentuckian singer for taking the time to record two songs exclusively for AUK. Pinnell produces timeless, classic country and honky-tonk. Enjoy – the quality of the musicianship will lift your spirits!

And as the man says, “Hope everyone’s safe and taking care of themselves.”

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