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Today: SofaBurn and Rockridge Bowl will be hosting a mini concert from singer/songwriter Jeremy Pinn

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit, many artists we love have had to cancel shows and even entire tours. With this significant source of income evaporating, we wanted to find ways to support these artists through this tough time.

In an effort to give back to the artists who've given so much to us, SofaBurn is honored to give 100% of the profit from any item ordered from our online store directly to the artists. In addition, SofaGives, the charitable gifting arm of the record label, will match 25% of all sales with a donation to foodbanks and other local charities that are helping in these hard times.

Furthermore, in what we hope will become an ongoing series, we will be producing live-streamed events together with our friends at Rockridge Bowl - (an Oakland, CA based community focused on supporting art and music while advancing the greater good) - so our artists can stay connected with their fans. The first of these events is a mini concert from singer/songwriter Jeremy Pinnell.

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