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Nice 4/5 star review of Daniel Martin Moore's new album "Never Look Away" via Spill Ma

The release of Never Look Away will mark the ninth album from Cold Spring, Kentucky’s smooth singing Daniel Martin Moore. Self-proclaimed as the strongest album of his career, both avid fans and first-time listeners will find this statement to be one that Martin Moore fully demonstrates while creating an album that perfectly pairs with the current change of season.

Never Look Away begins with the soothingly harmonious “By the Beams”. Using smooth vocals, a calm piano, a supportive use of stringed instruments and well-timed subtle percussion, Martin Moore establishes a calm and very enjoyable tone,one which remains consistent throughout the remaining nine songs of the album, and lends itself well to prevailing themes of loss, love, harmony, acceptance and peace.

As the album continues, Martin Moore does a good job of maintaining the theme while not being afraid to explore various tempos and sounds. This rings especially true on the seventh song of the album, “Weathervane”, which is a somewhat upbeat and jazz-influenced exploration of how love and pain influence one’s own development in life.

All in all, Never Look Away, can be described as a very well put together and artistically sound album which does not shy away from exploring some of life’s most difficult subjects, all in the most soothing tone one could hope for. Overall, the album is a very strong entry to Martin Moore’s discography and a project that I personally will be playing on repeat through the coming winter

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