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Ampline video premiere via Big Takeover Magazine!

Cincinnati-based heavy rock band Ampline have contributed a previously-unreleased track, “Silver Wave”, to one of two upcoming compilations from Ohio’s Aquabear Legion in celebration of the music company’s 15 years in operation. The Volume 7 compilation can be ordered directly from the label’s website and it also includes songs from Actual Form, Buffalo Killers, Counterfeit Madison, DANA, Hiram-Maxim, Lung, Smizmar, and Van Dale. The comp is also available digitally via SofaBurn Records.

This volume of the Ohio comp series will be pressed to vinyl by Musicol in Columbus and will be a run of 300 records, 50 of which will be of some sort of-super special vinyl color. Art for the compilation will be by Athens, Ohio’s own Chris Biester.

Ampline has been going strong since 2001 and their latest, and fifth, album, Passion Relapse, came out early last year via SofaBurn.

Band members Kevin Schmidt, Rick McCarty, and Mike Montgomery enlisted Cleveland animator Jason Look to give visual life to “Silver Wave”, and The Big Takeover is pleased to host its premiere right here.

The track marches forward determinedly, building up to more flowing sections. Emphatic drum strikes, low-end bass line curves, and fuzzed-up guitar burn surround roughly exclaimed and longing vocals. “Silver Wave” intensifies as it goes along, teeming with guitar churn and scintillating cymbals crash.

The video starts out with a pale rose and violet colored sky with a blazing orange sun in the center of the frame. The sun slowly spins, sending its rays outwards, but then shrink into the distance as light blue ocean waves appear. A copacetic surfer is riding the crest of one when he collides with a strange, wavy and silver entity…

Suffice it to say, things get even more surreal from there, as Look takes the viewer on an entertaining animated trip.


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