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The Fire Note Video Premiere: So It Was – “The Hour (Live At Candyland)”

Louisville, Kentucky’s So It Was released their self-titled debut earlier this year and today TFN is excited to share this premiere video with you, along with SofaBurn Records, that features one of the album’s tracks captured live at the Candyland Recording Studio. If you know the band or the tune, you already are familiar with the soft delivery that So It Was offers, as “The Hour” highlights singer Daniel Lobb’s Sufjan Stevens type vocal. What this video adds to the story is that now you can visually see the passion behind the music which includes the intricate guitar of Lobb, the intense concentration of flute from Alexis Marsh, and the flowing piano of Dan Dorff, Jr. as he just drifts along perfectly with the music. It is a session video that makes you feel like you are in the studio and as a music fan – that is where you want to be! Photographer Michael Wilson and engineer Mike Montgomery (R. Ring) captured the session, along with producer Daniel Martin Moore, so if you even questioned the talent behind the scenes – don’t! So It Was and “Hero” have all the makings of your new favorite late-night track, as it will set the tone for your tomorrow with its freshness of the world just after a storm vibe. It is the perfect reset that new starts are made of!

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