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“Songs for Stella” is NOW available via Bandcamp. All proceeds go to creating “Stay Strong for Stell

This album is made in loving memory and honor of Stella Abel, a creative and beautiful soul who left us all too soon in 2018. All of the proceeds of these tracks will go directly into making tie dye bracelets with messages of hope (stay strong for Stella) as well as a number for a free suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Bracelets will be passed out by Stella's mom, Vanessa Prentice who regularly attends many events and festivals in Ohio such as Columbus Pride and Comfest. To anyone out there who is struggling, we are sending all of the love your way. If you have questions, would like to request bracelets or would like to make a separate donation, please email us (Vanessa Prentice & Kate Wakefield) at Here is a note from Vanessa, Stella's Mom. "My 15 year old daughter Stella didn’t seem like someone who was in so much pain that she would want to end her own life. The night she died, she cooked us dinner and we ate at the table together. We talked about future plans and laughed and smiled together. She said goodnight to us and that she loved us as if nothing was wrong. She never told us she was struggling, but she did reach out for help through an anonymous social media app that was not equipped to help someone with suicidal thoughts. As a tribute to Stella, and to try and provide a better resource to people who are struggling, I am having bracelets printed with "Stay Strong for Stella" on one side and the national suicide hotline number: 1-800-273-8255 on the other with the text hotline embossed inside: text HOME to: 741741 and handing them out (and mailing them out) wherever I can. I plan to take them to Comfest in Columbus this year and I would like to take them to Columbus Pride as well. Any donations or funds I receive will be going to this cause and I will continue to work to try and reach people and increase awareness and suicide prevention. Please take a moment, right now and add the Suicide Hotline number to your phone and your child’s phone and and ask your family to do the same. Tell your child they can call it any time they feel like they need help for themselves or for a friend. They won’t get in trouble for using it and it’s right there for them if they should ever need it." -Vanessa Prentice


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