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Awesome review of Clyde Petersen's Your Heart Breaks release show from How Lucky Media.

On April 21st, Seattle was treated to an amazing show by the queer pop-punk band, Your Heart Breaks. They gathered us all up at the Triple Door to give us an intimate and special night. The show was a release party forDrone Butch Blues, the newest album by the band. Before each song, we were given a special insight into the meaning and the feelings behind them.

It was a show quite unlike any that I had ever been to before. This is because it wasn’t just a concert. It was a whole experience. There was dinner, there was laughter, there were tears (from everyone, I’m certain) and of course, there was music. But it all felt so personal. A lot of this had to do with lead singer, Clyde Peterson. They were phenomenal. The way they spoke to the crowd, made it feel like they were speaking to us personally.

They let us in on each joke, each story. We were able to understand the meaning behind the songs, which made it feel even more real. And these songs are already quite real to begin with, so that’s quite the feat.

Accompanying each song was a special video, playing on a screen behind the band. There were clips from queer movies, footage of sea creatures, home videos from a time in New York. It added to the story of each song. And that’s what Drone Butch Blues is: a collection of stories. And though they’re deeply personal to the band, and to Clyde, they’re also extremely relatable to queer people. These songs are our stories. Our songs.

The most poignant part of the entire show was when special guests were brought out. Two dancers. They danced and moved across the stage. The story they told with their bodies left us breathless. It was pure beauty.

The whole show was something that can’t be explained in writing alone. Every part worked together to create something magical.

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