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Watch The Tillers “The Old General Store Is Burning Down” video PREMIERE via The Bluegrass Situation

In Their Words: “Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River lies a quaint little northern Kentucky town called Rabbit Hash. A quirky and vibrant town frequently filled with musicians, artisans, river folk, old-timers, bikers, hippies, punks, and many other colorful travelers. The indisputable heart of this bend in the river is the Rabbit Hash General Store, built in 1831. The general store is a mecca for the region’s folk music scene and has hosted concerts behind the big wood stove for many years. The general store has survived many a flood and many a floorboard stomping hootenanny, but on a cold night in February 2016 the general store caught fire and was destroyed.

“After the tears had dried, the people of Rabbit Hash picked themselves up by their bootstraps, gathered around, and with the generous help of folks all over the world, rebuilt the general store in just about a year’s time. ‘The Old General Store is Burning Down’ is a song dedicated to the good people of Rabbit Hash and to the unwavering spirit of community and togetherness that they promote and embrace. The words of old-time fiddle player Tommy Taylor still ring true: ‘Rabbit Hash Kentucky is where I want to be. Cornbread molasses and sassafras tea.’ Long live Rabbit Hash, Kentucky!” — Mike Oberst, singer-songwriter-banjo player, The Tillers

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