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Artist Spotlight : Kate Wakefield of LUNG!

1. You toured like crazy all last year. Any unexpected highlights from the trip? Bands that you were stoked on? Cities or venues that impressed or inspired you?

This past year was amazing! Playing in Mexico was a huge highlight. We hadn’t been there before, and played in Monterrey at a DIY venue with Flor de metros and Volat. Monterrey is a beautiful city sandwiched between mountains, and everyone we met was super kind and the music we heard was inc

redible. Playing western Canada was also really cool. We did several festivals in Montana and the Dakotas which were all neat- and the landscape in that part of the USA is absolutely gorgeous. In the spring we played SXSW. I had never been before and it was absolute insanity playing 10 shows in 5 days in Austin traffic-and hearing dozens of bands every day. We always love playing Florida and I think doing 11 shows there in the wintertime was a highlight in it of itself. Smaller cities that have awesome music scenes right now include Ft. Meyers (FL), Hattiesburg (MS), Mobile (AL), and Denton (TX). Some really great bands that we met on the road are Tart (Detroit), Waxjaw (Huntington WV), Calvin Arsenia (Kansas City), When Particles Collide (on tour constantly-but originally from Maine), Tone (DC), ), Glitter Money (Chicago).

2. When you're not in the van, what do you do for fun or work? Do you both play with other artists in Cincinnati? Daisy, you make buttons and magnets, right? Kate, you do live and studio sessions.... do you want to elaborate on that,,,, artists you work with, etc..

When we aren’t in the van or on tour we practice and write music. That’s honestly the most fun thing I can think of. We also dig going to see shows in Cincinnati, sleeping in our own beds, and hanging out with our friends here. As far as jobs go we do a lot of random work- Daisy makes buttons and magnets (feel free to hit him up at, I teach voice lessons and do studio cello for folks, and then we also pick up shifts at neighborhood bars and restaurants. In the studio I’ve had the pleasure of working with tons of great musicians including some of my favorite Cincinnati artists Wussy, Wonky Tonk and Jess Lamb. I’ll be doing some backup vocals for a really fantastic Cincinnati project called Comprador at some point in the next few weeks.

As far as projects in addition to Lung, Daisy used to play with Flesh Mother and also Babe Rage (both based out of Cincinnati) but right now is doing our band. I have a solo project that is different than Lung that I write for as well.

3. 'All the King's Horse' was just released mid 2018. You're already at work the next album. What can we expect from this new batch of songs?

It’ll be like All the King’s Horses but better and completely different.

4. Anything else either of you want to talk about..... go for it.

We’ll be hitting the road again in the early summer, and you can follow our tour dates on all of our social media platforms. Instagram: @lungtheband, Also, you can follow Rachelle Caplan-the brilliant woman who does all of Lung’s art and designs on instagram at @chellecaplan


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