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The Fire Note premieres A Delicate Motor's video for "Man On Fire".

A Delicate Motor is the sound composition project of Cincinnati Ohio native Adam Petersen. Originally a solo, loop-based songwriting effort from Petersen, A Delicate Motor now consists of drummer / producer Ben Sloan (WHY?, Lazy Heart, Naytronix), guitarist / bassist Stephen Patota (The Happy Maladies, Lazy Heart, Naytronix), vocalist Libby Landis, vocalist / guitarist Brianna Kelly (Soften) and vocalist / pianist Rachel Mousie. This ensemble released their latest full length, Fellover My Own, mid last year on SofaBurn Records. In today’s TFN video premiere, you get to enjoy A Delicate Motor’s artistic vision in single “Man On Fire.” You can see how all of their talents join together to create their unified sound while still having a focus on individualized components. The track is a wave of note perfect intensity that has a multitude of sonic peaks. Before you check out the video make sure to read below what Petersen had to say about “Man On Fire.” “Man On Fire derives from living experience, from inward turmoil. It is a sober acknowledgement of how raw emotional reaction can reveal the ugly shadow being within each of us. This piece reminds me to be patient and gentle with the shadow, the inner child, whom although he sometimes flares, needs to be held and loved. “I find it colder than a man on fire making stupid faces. Pardon my explicative guile, I’ll shut me down for a little while.” – Adam Petersen

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