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LIVE EYE TV VIDEO MUSIC BLOG did a great write up on Lung's cover of "I'm Afraid of Ame

A regular staple on Kate Wakefield’s car tape deck “during the Bush years when I went to all the anti-war protests,” she and Daisy would end up reviving it for a New Year’s Eve show in Lexington, KY several years back–before recording it more recently for All the King’s Horses. Featuring a more time-specific rework of the chorus, which you can hear below, Wakefield explains: “The song seems so contemporary to now, and so appropriate for where the world is at. We have played it all across the country in small bars up and down the East and West coasts, the Midwest and the deep south. The song resonates with everyone. We all feel this way in one way or another. The world we live in is unstable and scary, and we should be making art about it- not just locking ourselves inside and pretending not to hear what’s going on. Occasionally when we play it people will be uncomfortable. People who voted for Trump will want to come up and want to talk about everything. But that’s good too. It’s a good way to start conversation.”


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