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"Creators of delicate melodies and charming beats" A Delicate Motor review on Thinking Lyr

A Delicate Motor release their new album this week ‘Fellover My Own’ through SofaBurn Records. The unique musical project of Adam Petersen, he returns with this album with a full band that highlight different sounds and styles that make for incredible listens. You can give a listen to ‘Fall Out’ from the album now here.

Creators of delicate melodies and charming beats, A Delicate Motor use all their talent on this album to craft music that is enchanting and interesting. Particularly on tracks such as ‘Fall Out’ and ‘Middle’ where the band use unique sounds and cool instrumentals that harmonise with ease with the fantastic vocals that shine on tracks such as this.

Vocally strong, they ease with the melodies throughout this album. ‘Durham’ sees the vocals just drift and harmonise with the vocals with such sophistication and that continues on songs such as ‘Sages’ where the vocals are dramatic and add to the ambience of the song brilliantly. An album about learning from mistakes and moving on with your life, these words are delivered with such atmosphere.

An album that keeps pushing into new ground throughout, this album is a sonic adventure in using different sounds and tones in combination with a delicate vocal. Highlights for me on this record include, ‘Sages’ for it’s building and dramatic melodies and ‘Fall Out’ for it’s beat, however every song on this record highlights the power of Petersen’s voice which sounds so good with the melodies his new band have created.


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