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Artist Spotlight : Kelley Deal (R.Ring , The Breeders).

Hey Kelley! We thought we'd check in. We know you're out touring with the Breeders; where are you now?

Hi Mike! I’m in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. We crossed on the ferry last night from England. Do you remember when you and I had the great idea to try to record a video with our acoustic guitars on the upper deck of a ferry when R. Ring was last in Europe? When was that?! HA!

How have the shows been going?

We haven’t even started the proper tour yet! We came over early for Jools Holland. Check it out on Saturday hmmm? We played with amazing bands that night... Bjork, Laura Marling, Deva Mahal. Really diverse music and a well done show.

Any opening acts that you've been particularly impressed with?

See above. BUT! Courtney Barnett and the folks in her band are joining the Breeders for the “Light it up” vocals tomorrow at the BBC festival. I’ll tell them you said howdy...

Any stand-out shows or cities that come to mind?

I need more data points but the weather has been MAGNIFICENT!

What's next for R.Ring? People have asked if you plan to continue the podcast?

Speaking of the podcast - have you fiddled with the “Salt” episode yet?! You’re up to bat buddy!!

How badly, on a scale of one to ten million, do you miss Mike?

Ten million plus infinity of course....



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