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Artist Spotlight : Daniel Martin Moore

We checked in with songwriter Daniel Martin Moore to find out what’s been keeping him busy since the release of last year’s mesmerizing LP, Turned Over to Dreams.

Where are you now?

DMM: A Heine Bros. coffee shop in sunny Louisville, KY.

What's new for DMM?

DMM: I'm mixing a new record, and thinking about how to finish recording another record that is written and partly done... And I'm finally starting a long-dreamt-about cookie company...

I know you're constantly working on new music, for yourself and as engineer/producer for other artists. Is there anything in the pipeline you're particularly excited about?

DMM: Back a few months ago, I recorded a new album for Nathan Salsburg that will be coming out in July. It's a real beauty, and a must-listen for people who like guitar music. I'm real proud of it. Also, for the last year I've been working with the songwriter & singer Daniel Lobb, who records under the name So It Was, on his new album. It is breathtaking & surprising. That is done, nearly mastered, and should be out by the end of the year.

Any memorable experiences while writing or recording 'Turned Over to Dreams' you think listeners might be interested in?

DMM: So much of that album was done completely alone so it's hard to zero-in on many singular moments... But I built a sound-fort out of quilts & cushions & mattresses in the corner of the living room to create a space to record my parts. It was completely silent in there. And pretty dark.

Listen on Spotify.

Buy DMM's CD and/or VINYL HERE.

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