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Check out the premiere of The Tillers' new track "Like A Hole In My Head" via The Boot

Folk quartet the Tillers are premiering their new song "Like a Hole in My Head" exclusively with The Boot. Readers can press play below to hear the track.

"Like a Hole in My Head" features lush strings and an upbeat melody, but its sound masks its serious subject matter. Singer, songwriter and banjo player Mike Oberst tells The Boot that the song is "pretty personal" and also written in honor of friends lost to substance abuse.

"In some ways, it is also an outreached hand to those friends who are currently struggling with addiction and depression, to help them rise above," Oberst tells The Boot. "For so many, that friend is never far, and it's up to us to listen and love before it's too late."

Along with Oberst, guitarist Sean Geil, Sean's brother Aaron on bass and fiddle player Joe Macheret make up the Tillers; Aaron Geil joined the band in 2010 following the departure of original bassist Jason Soudrette, and Macheret came on board in 2015. The group formed in August of 2007 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and their roots lie in the city's punk rock and hardcore scenes -- which shouldn't be too surprising after hearing "Like a Hole in My Head." They've earned numerous local awards, toured throughout the U.S., UK and Ireland, and released five albums so far.

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