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Real nice review of Jeremy Pinnell's 'Ties of Blood & Affection' via Flyinshoes Revi

Northern Kentucky singer-songwriter Jeremy Pinnell certainly knows his way round an Americana roots number, and also music steeped in honky tonk themes. Possessing a sound not unlike a close cousin of Waylon Jennings, like he was in his prime, back in the 1970s. Or on coming up to date I can hear shades of Otis Gibbs and Ramsay Midwood on some cuts. I dare say fans of Ags Connolly wanting to sample music a little more adventuress will likewise be bowled over by Pinnell (and believe it or not they are set to tour together!)

Fans of the above will love the earthy sound that wafts from the speakers immediately Ties Of Blood And Affection is placed on your CD player. Pinnell’s music could not be more refreshing. He holds nothing back as his voice is aided by a tasty flow of stellar pedal steel guitar (the playing on “Take The Wheel” reminds me of Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band) and a fine rhythm section to match. Awash in energy he speaks of regular working life, family obligations and faith; his raspy rough ‘round the edges vocals are just right for tales of people from the hills and less than lucrative regions.

Pinnell speaks of facing unpaid bills on a Gibbs-like “Feel This Right” (the conversational piece is a perfect display of how the art should sound), and once it gets going his song “Different Kind Of Love” produces a wonderful homely feel. On lifting the mood and tempo he comes through with the superb “I Don’t Believe”, now this could just as easily have been a long lost jewel from ol’ Waylon (just before the Outlaw era). It has all the credentials. With a rich gentle swagger and lots of steel guitar Pinnell eases effortless through ‘faith’ song “Best I Could Do”, before producing twangy delight “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” and rousing album closer “The Way We See Heaven”. Faith plays a considerable part in the music and, everyday life of a man who for the best part of half of his life (I believe he is 40) was affected by drug addiction, but he has since seen (overcome) the error of his ways. His 2014 with his debut independent recording OH/KY covers his struggles, and though not an instant hit outside of Kentucky it did gain much acclaim the following summer. It is people like Pinnell who restores your belief in music, and feel a lot more assured about it's future.

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