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'Turned Over To Dreams' Editor’s Pick album review via Folk Radio UK.

A Kentucky singer-songwriter with a tremulous hushed vocal and a fondness for fragile piano-led ballads steeped in melancholic emotion, Turned Over To Dreams is Daniel Martin Moore’s sixths studio release following 2015’s Golden Age. On that, he ventured into uptempo territory on a couple of tracks, but here he’s returned to slower, contemplative mode throughout, the title – and pizzicato electronica, strings-soothed opening title track – nodding to its pervasive lullaby quality as well as a thematic thread about the world of sleep.Consider The Worlds continues that narcotic lushness with its whispering croon and strings arrangement, the next three numbers are all instrumentals. O’er Wave & Sky a minimalist art work for guitar and electronics with Oriental hints; Good Evening, Good Night, an acoustic guitar rendition of Brahm’s Lullaby and Amid The Starsmarrying cello, violin and Romantic era classical piano.

Opening with the line “you are so much more to me than just a bright light”, the vocals return for You Are Home, its nuanced arrangement taking in an almost border country guitar intro, Touch The Earth sustaining that half-asleep, half-awake drowsiness in its lines about connecting and sharing love and beauty. Another instrumental, Drifting matches title to form before a dawn chorus of breathy sax introduces the caressing breath of Stay Awake, leaving the album to end feeling refreshed and renewed to face the new days with the brief intimacy of It’s Such A Good Feeling. Meditative, calming and cleansing, it’s not the sort of thing you dig out for parties or dinners, but, in a darkened, perhaps candlelit and fragranced room, maybe with a view of the night sky stars, this is a perfect way to slip into the arms of Morpheus.

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